This documentation will help you understand how third-party services can interact with Activix CRM and vice-versa.

This documentation is updated to reflect the latest changes and features in Activix CRM. Breaking changes will only be introduced in new versions of the API. Go here to learn more.


The Activix CRM API is based on the REST standard. We try to follow the common standards for API communication as much as possible.

To get started quickly, we suggest reading the Resources documentation here:


Every piece of data in the CRM is represented as an object (also called entity). The OBJECTS section explains what each object in the CRM consists of.

Blank fields

Blank fields will always be included with the value null (they are never omitted).


Unless otherwise specified, all timestamps are in ISO 8601 format.


We use the UTC timezone for all timestamps.


The Activix CRM has the ability to send data to third-party services in a variety of ways. The WEBHOOKS section explains how data can pushed to a web service in real time.